Water is vital to San Antonio’s quality of life. Our county’s population is growing by tens of thousands of new people every year, and the demand for water is growing with it. To help meet this growing need, San Antonio Water System regularly reviews and updates its Water Management Plan to ensure the community has plentiful water supplies for generations to come. This is an ongoing process that takes into account a variety of variables, including rain and drought predictions, shifting demographics, and political and environmental changes.

Water Management Planning

In a continuing effort to gather community feedback, SAWS wants to hear from you on its draft of the 2017 Water Management Plan. This document, which ensures San Antonio has ample water supplies for the next 50 years, is the result of work performed by the Water Management Plan Task Force and input from numerous community meetings and online outreach. The 2017 plan will remain open for public comment through August 15. Click on the link below to download the 2017 SAWS Water Management Plan. To submit your opinion about the plan, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the email link, or send your input to Thank you for your feedback and participation in this important planning process.

 Download Draft 2017 Water Management Plan (PDF)

Why Water Matters

Bexar County’s population is growing, and the demand for water is growing with it. Get involved in the conversation to help ensure there’s enough water to support our community for generations to come.


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